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Friday, November 27, 2015

FREE {Chalkboard} Elf Labels

I love to do a big Elf Theme for the month of December with my kinder class.  There are so many fun things you can do, and students are SO excited!
I tell them the Elf is always watching for good boys and girls, and sure enough he leaves them positive notes throughout the day when he notices great behavior!

This is the BEST management tool for this time of year.  It is always fun to focus on the positive things your kiddos are doing, and they simply can't wait to return from recess, PE, lunch and specials to see if the Elf left them a note while they were gone.
I just leave these {Editable} notes up on my computer, and quickly write a few throughout the day.  I can then quickly print, cut and leave them on their desk.  It is adorable to watch their faces light up when they see that the Elf left them a note.  Everyone simply can't wait to see who will get a note from the elf next!

I have {EDITABLE} Elf notes available over in my TPT HERE
These make super cute goody bag labels for your good boys an girls!

Grab my FREE "Elf Kisses" notes HERE

Have a wonderful month of December with your kiddos!

And don't forget, my CCSS December Seat Work/Homework is now listed in my TpT store too!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

FREE Highlight-A-Letter Worksheets + Handwriting

I just posted my Highlight-A-Letter worksheets in my TpT shop!  They are a super fun, easy way for children to practice identifying and writing each letter.

I use these as self starters, morning work, fillers, homework and during small group intervention work.
Plus, my four year old LOVES these!  She likes to use stickers to cover up the correct letters.  She struggles with writing her letters big enough to "bump" the top and middle lines.

Just print and you are ready to go! Grab you FREEEBIE HERE


Saturday, November 14, 2015

December Seat Work is Ready!

 My December Seat Work is done and posted in my shop!
Everything is Common Core aligned and I even made cute "I can"
poster cards to go with the standards addressed in the packet.  Hang them on your classroom white board to review each morning while students complete their seat work.  I even have students chime in with me while I read the statements.  Since the standards addressed change each month, these "I can" cards are a little different than the ones included in my .January Seat Work Pack.
All the common core standards are written out for you, so you can simply cut/paste directly into your lesson plans!
All skills covered should be able to be completed independently. 
I only include standards that have been covered by this time in the year (every curriculum is different, but I take into account where most students are at each month.) 
This way YOU can get your morning work done too :)
I don't want it to just be "busy work" though, so each standard and skill is specifically chosen.
As the year progresses, the work increases in difficulty.  Not every standard is covered each month.  
This is why I have struggled with a lot of the "Seat Work" that is out there.  My students can't copy complete sentences in September, or practice middle and final sounds in October.  For it to be successful, Seat Work must be standards based and meet the needs of students as the year progresses.  I am so excited I have finally been able to make this happen in my own classroom, and now share it with you!
I made these packets to generally be on target with skill levels and standards taught each month.
Right now I have December and January Seat Work packs available in my TpT store!
To try a whole week for free, download my January FREEBIE

Thursday, November 12, 2015

January Kindergarten Morning Seat Work - FREEBIE

I know it isn't January yet... but I got a head start since things get so busy this time of year!

My January Morning Seat Work is now
 posted in my TpT store.  Scroll to the bottom to download a FREE sample of these work pages!

Everything is Common Core aligned and I even made cute "I can"
poster cards to go with the standards addressed in the packet.  Hang them on your classroom white board to review each morning while students complete their seat work.  I even have students chime in with me while I read the statements.


There are 20 pages of seat work in the packet.  I generally try to include standards and activities that most students can complete independently at this point in the year.  I do not like to put brand new concepts in morning seat work, because this is a BUSY time of day and I need to get so much done in the first ten minutes of school.  It is hard to be constantly stopped and asked questions.

I hold students accountable for morning work as well.  If they do not finish, it becomes recess work or homework.  This keeps my students engaged and working hard in their seats every morning.  They LOVE the routine of these worksheets!
I also write out all the Common Core Standards for you on a slide, so you can copy/paste them write into your lesson plans!

I am working on uploading my Morning Seat Work for every month of the year.  Be sure to follow me over on TpT  as I often post FREEBIES for the first few days when I put a new product up.  

Try these Morning Seat Work printables in your class for FREE

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How I teach SIGHT WORDS - Free Printables

Our reading program in kindergarten teaches sight words, but it doesn't come with many resources for actually teaching these words.  Students need constant exposure and practice with these words - in many different formats and contexts.  After a few years of teaching sight words, I finally was able to create what I have been planning and wishing I always had.  
Now that my daughter is four, I have started her teaching them to her.  She loves learning new words and it has just opened her eyes to reading.  She sees these words everywhere now.  At the store, in books we read, on food labels... and even funnier is she hears them everywhere too.  "Mom!  You just said 'look'!" or "Dad!  You said ' See'!"
To introduce each new word, I use these printable worksheets.
I love that this activity allows students to read, trace, spell, color and build the words (cut &
After doing these a few times together, my daughter (four years) can complete these on her own.  Kids love and look forward to the routine of them.
I had seen similar worksheets around on blogs and Pinterest, but they were always so crowded with too much going on.  Plus, often times the letters were way to small for five year olds to cut out and multiple words were on each page (that drives me nuts!  Usually I hadn't taught all the words yet, and I just wanted them on focus on one new word at a time.)
I really wanted ONE focus word on each page, so these worksheets can fit with ANY reading program.  

You can teach these 72 sight words in any order you wish!  So if we changed to a new curriculum, it would be easy to reorganize these printables in a different order/unit since most programs teach similar words.
These "Trace it, Spell it, Color it, Build it worksheets include an entire year's worth (72 words): 
For a FREE sample of these pages, simply download the "Preview" of this product in my TpT store.
If you would just like to try a few of these worksheets, you can download
Word Set 1 (18 words): Sight Word Worksheets WORD SET 1

But of course these worksheets aren't enough practice for students.  They need exposure to the words in different formats and context.

I like to connect what I am teaching in reading and in writing.  Whichever sight word I am teaching during reading block is what I often focus on in writing.
These Sight Word Sentence Worksheets have been amazing!  I had seen similar things again floating around Pinterest, but again they were too busy and complicated.  

I knew I wanted to create super straightforward, easy to use sight word sentences that hit everything I need them to - sight words, spelling, writing, CAP, fine motor skills (cutting and pasting) and illustrating.  And again - only ONE word at a time.

Best yet - these teach the exact same 72 words as my "Trace, Spell, Color & Build" sight word worksheets shown above!  

My students always know exactly what my expectations are for these activities so I'm not constantly re-explaining directions and what I want to see in their work.  
Each page has a focus word at the top.  Students trace the sentence (great opportunity to discuss starting with a capital, using finger spaces, ending with a period.)
Then they can cut, match and paste the words to match the sentence. 
Finally, students get to illustrate their sentence.  A great check for understanding!  I absolutely LOVE to see what my students draw.  
One of the last activities that really help students master their sight words is my Sight Word Fluency Printables.
Again, with the exact same 72 words!  
 I can easily pull these fluency practice pages when I am teaching specific words.  
I created these in both color and BW versions.  

I laminate the color ones to use in class (generally during small groups), and once students have been introduced to the sentences I send home the BW versions.
Parents love these and expect to see them sent home.  I explain the expectations at the beginning of the year so parents know how to help at home.
Students color a smiley face at the top of the page each time they read the sentences.  You can then choose to have an incentive program (sticks, treasure box, etc.) when they bring back their completed fluency pages.
These printables are a wonderful tool for building confidence, fluency, prosody and truly helps cement these words in their reading vocabulary!  The picture clues are great for helping children identify new words in the sentences. 
When I teach my daughter a new sight word (we usually do 1-2 per week - this week we did "the"),  I love being organized so I can just pull four tools:

Sight Word WORKSHEET "Trace, Spell, Color, Build"
Sight Word SENTENCE Practice
Sight Word FLUENCY Page

These are the three correlating resources I use for teaching each sight word.
(See below for flashcards)

No prep or hassle for you!  It is super easy to print and keep resources for each word together.  Everything you need to teach a whole year's worth of high frequency/sight words!  And since there is only one word on each printable, you can rearrange and teach them in any order - with any reading program!
Plus, since these all focus on the same 72 words, I created flashcards for each word - also in both color and BW (144 cards total).
Keep track of every student's progress with these assessment checklists
These are included with the Flashcard Pack.

If you would like to try these activities in your classroom, or at home with your children, simply click the links and most of the "Product Previews" have free downloads in them.

Want to print and try the flashcards?
Print the first Flashcard Word Set 1 for FREE!

Please let me know if you have any questions at all.  I have enjoyed so much success implementing these activities and I am so excited to finally get to share them with you!

Magnetic Alphabet Matching - FREE Printable

I love using magnets for teaching purposes - at home with my daughter and at school.  To reinforce first sound matching, I made this printable for my students.  I use it as a Literacy Center and its a great check for understanding.  Place it on a cookie sheet with alphabet magnetics and you are ready to go! Scroll to the bottom of the post to download this printable for FREE!
I also have this activity as part of my Magnetic Activity Bundle over at my Etsy Shop.  My bundle includes four activities:
  • First Sound Matching (place magnets on picture icons as shown in photo above)
  • Letter Recognition Matching (place magnets on matching letters)
  • Count and Match (count the fruit in the baskets and match correct number magnet)
  • Number Matching (place number magnets on correct balloon, train, etc.)
This bundle in my Etsy shop comes laminated, with both letter and alphabet magnets AND a magnetic cookie tray - shipped directly to you and ready to use!
See this complete kit here:    

For the FREE printable PDF: