Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Letter Matching with Sticky Notes

Little C knows all her capital and lowercase letters - at least for the most part. She still confuses lowercase "d" and "b" and will call little "l" big "I".

I wanted to see how fluent she was with matching capital and lowercase letters so we did this activity today.   

I almost always sit with her to complete activities - especially if it is new to her. I handed her the sticky note and asked her the letter name, and then the sound it makes. She would take it and place it on the paper on the corresponding capital letter.

This girl never fails to shock me. I can't help but laugh sometimes because she is just a little sponge these days. I can't believe how much she can learn and so quickly.

We completed the paper three times because we were both having fun with it. She then always asks to put it on the fridge "to show daddy" when he gets home.

You can make this yourself! It is super easy, this is all you need:

I wrote all capital letters in different colors on the paper. Then I wrote all lowercase letters on sticky notes cut in half. The best part is since it is sticky notes you can play this game a few times. Enjoy!

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  1. That looks fun and easy! I think I'll use it to teach my kids the Bulgarian alphabet (I'm trying to teach them a second language).