Sunday, December 1, 2013

Matching Transportation Cards

Matching is one of the very first pre-reading skills to teach young tots. 

Once Little C got the hang of it, she was hooked. She loves scouring pictures to find which ones are the same so she can scream, "They match!"

I put out a new set each week and put them in a basket or storage container. Tots love the simple task of transferring items from one place to another.

I often use our pocket chart just as an added bonus of helping her with fine motor skills. It was very frustrating to her at first, but now that she has learned how to slide the cards into the clear pockets, she absolutely loves using it. To keep her interested, I only get the pocket chart out once or twice a week.
There are tons of free printables out there for matching games. We are using "Transportation" cards in the picture above. It was crop dusting season and she was super excited about airplanes. I noticed though she couldn't tell the difference between an airplane and helicopter though. She also looks forward to the school bus dropping the neighbor kids off each day so these cards were perfect.

For a FREE pack of transportation printables, based on the book Alphabeep, by Debora Pearson, click here and scroll down to where it says, "Ready to Make Your Own?" I love this website and use lots of free materials from her.

Get out the card stock and turn on your laminator. The humming of all the machines for an afternoon of making matching cards puts the baby right to sleep and entertains Little C and I.

Win, win and win.

I try to switch up the matching cards we use. I do seasonal ones, or holiday cards. Little C was really into Mickey Mouse for awhile so I found pictures of those characters to use. Sometimes I glue felt to the back of the pictures and we match them using our felt board.

Matching is a perfect skill to teach so young minds can begin to notice similarities and differences in shapes, colors and pictures. This will help them immensely when they are introduced to letters and begin learning how to read.

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