Friday, December 6, 2013

Oh Christmas Trees (and Pumpkins!)

Like most tots, Little C loves taking objects in and out of containers. One of her favorite activities this fall has been playing with a set of felt pumpkins I made her.

I made them using felt and puffy paint - extravagant I know. Well she absolutely loves them and plays with them throughout the day. She takes each pumpkin out of the basket, one by one saying each letter, "Big A, little a." And then places it on the table, or in another basket. She goes through the entire set of 26 pumpkins and then usually does it again.
Even my husband gets a kick out of watching her play with these pumpkins... over and over.

So now that it is December, I decided to try our luck with Christmas Trees. I don't want to lose the 20 minutes a day that the little pumpkins kept her attention!

Sure enough - Christmas trees with puffy paint letters are a winner too.

I keep them in different baskets on our playroom shelf, and the other morning she got them both out at the same time and started matching the letters.

I ran and grabbed my camera and started yelling, "They match!" right along with her.

She was so proud, and I have to say so was I. It is so amazing how quickly they develop and learn. Two months ago she never would have been able to do this, much less think of it and initiate it on her own.

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