Monday, December 2, 2013

Turkey Matching

I change out some activities on our playroom shelf weekly, and others monthly based around a theme or upcoming holiday. At the beginning of November, I made a bunch of Turkey activities. Our neighbor has two turkeys that run around their yard so Little C is already all kinds of jazzed about turkeys.

I realize this is a little late for Thanksgiving this year, but print it now and have it on hand for next year.

I found these free printable turkeys and printed them on card stock, laminated and cut them out. I printed two copies of each so we could match them by color.

At this age, Little C just loves having items in small baskets that she can line up and organize (she is 31 months.) She loves to say, "Gobble, gobble!" As she lines them all up. I also would hide them around the living room and we would say, "Turkeys! Where are you?" as we tore apart the room looking for them.

Enjoy some turkey fun with your tots!

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