Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Magnetic Alphabet Matching - FREE Printable

I love using magnets for teaching purposes - at home with my daughter and at school.  To reinforce first sound matching, I made this printable for my students.  I use it as a Literacy Center and its a great check for understanding.  Place it on a cookie sheet with alphabet magnetics and you are ready to go! Scroll to the bottom of the post to download this printable for FREE!
I also have this activity as part of my Magnetic Activity Bundle over at my Etsy Shop.  My bundle includes four activities:
  • First Sound Matching (place magnets on picture icons as shown in photo above)
  • Letter Recognition Matching (place magnets on matching letters)
  • Count and Match (count the fruit in the baskets and match correct number magnet)
  • Number Matching (place number magnets on correct balloon, train, etc.)
This bundle in my Etsy shop comes laminated, with both letter and alphabet magnets AND a magnetic cookie tray - shipped directly to you and ready to use!
See this complete kit here:    

For the FREE printable PDF:


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