Busy Bags

What is a busy bag?

Anything that keeps your kiddo entertained and busy in something meaningful (rather than destructive or disruptive) is worth its weight in gold.

Enter: the Busy Bag.

They contain any number of activities. The whole goal is simply to keep your kiddo busy and learning something new.

Depending on your child, you will want to create- or buy- Busy Bags that appeal to them. My daughter is super into counting and letters right now (thank you, Leap Frog) so lately I have been filling our bags with letter and number activities.

Take them with you to church, doctor appointments or even just for quiet play time (or those days when nap boycotts are in full swing).

One trick I have learned is keep your bags hidden so your child does not see them too often. Just like adults, if they see things too much it won't hold their interest.

My husband tells me I am just an organized hoarder with all my Busy Bag activities and arts and crafts to keep my children entertained. But it works, and if they are happy... I am happy! I am more than happy to dedicate a walk in closet to the entertainment, education and enrichment these activities give my little tots.

Want to buy a few Busy Bags for your own tot?

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