The Montessori approach to raising and educating children has completely changed our lives. My husband and I both went to college to become teachers, but neither of us knew very much about the Montessori method.

It is now an integral part of how we raise our daughters. Our oldest is absolutely thriving on every change we have made at home with her.

After a good friend introduced me to a few ideas while she was becoming a certified Montessori teacher, I began researching Maria Montessori. The more I read about her research and how to raise and teach young children, the more it just made sense. I was completely captivated by what I was reading.

How in the four years I spent in college, and the five years I spent teaching in my own classroom in public school, had I not head more about Montessori educational practices? So many things I had noticed, as an educator and as a mom, about children and learning I was now reading on paper (eh- computer screen). And so my journey into the world of Montessori began.

Some of my favorite places to get ideas about Montessori homes and education:
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